Dear Men: What Every Woman Needs but Might Not Say It



  1. We need a strong leader, not an overbearing one.  We don’t want to walk all over you either even if we treat you like that sometimes.  Please forgive us. We’ve lived in a feminist world for a long time and are confused about what we want but what we really need is a strong man in our life.  It’s attractive.  Every woman was created just a little different than a man (regardless of what feminist say, it’s in the science so there!) We want to know you can protect us from bad guys.  You don’t have to be Hulk just be tougher than us.
  2. We need a good daddy that spends time with his children and wants to spend time with his children.  Trust me we can tell the difference and so can they.
  3. We need you to care when we talk. I know we can do a lot of it.  Bear with us.
  4. We need you to understand that the female brain is complicated. Ok, maybe you know that one already.  We don’t really get it either sometimes.
  5. We need you not to quit on us.  Because if you do you’ll find issues with the next gal…cause they’re complicated too.
  6. We like men who work hard (but not late) and we like to see you sweat in the yard.  (I surveyed other women, ok?!)
  7. We need you to be responsible with money, your time, resources, yourself.
  8. We need you to be faithful, eyes, mind, everything.
  9. Smell good, brush your teeth and care about looking nice for us. (Except when you’re sweaty from doing yard work;)
  10. We love when you do dishes (we really like when you do dishes…and vacuum…all cleaning is good really).
  11. We need to be the most beautiful woman in your life…fine…in your mind… ok fine just make us believe we are. Tell us we are…often! We are all insecure even if we don’t seem to be. Again, we are complicated. We want to appear sly and confident but deep down there is a very insecure girl especially because we’ve competed with other women for male attention since we were 13.
  12. Ask us what’s important to us.
  13. We need to know your needs as well.  Don’t bottle them up. We aren’t mind readers. Ok, maybe a little. We are all born with a little Jedi DNA.  It’s a girl thing. But we still need to hear your needs and wants (even if it inconveniences us)…it’s called communication.
  14. We need L-O-V-E.

Guys please chime in. Let us know what you think of this list. Ladies, if you have anything to add please do.

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