Living By Design: Knowing God First

Notes for session 2 of FNF bible study for April 17th 2020.

Backdrop of life:

To _______ God

To_______ God

To _______ make God ________

To know God:

Know- Know-KnowFrom knowing to recognition
Gal. 4:8-9Phil. 3:10Eph. 4:11-13Luke 24:13-35  
John 17:31 Cor 13:12  
1 Cor. 8:1John 8:28,32  
2 Peter 1:3-8  
Do you gnosis Jesus? Or epiginosko Him?

Knowledge (epiginosko) leads to love.

To know God is to _______ God.

How do you grow in knowledge that leads to love?

  1. Open ___________ 
  2. __________ in your calling 





How do we express love to God?

Matthew 28:18:

John 17:20-23:

John 13:35:


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